Everything you need to know

VRoom is a safe, fun environment for all. We aim to cater for every audience and want to make sure you have the best experience available on your 1st visit and your 99th.

We offer sessions at our VR studio, or alternatively we can visit you at your party or event to provide an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Arcade session 1 – 3 People

This is an ideal experience lasting 1 hour for up to 3 players who want to take turns with the headset while others are watching everything on a large TV screen..

If you don’t want to share, no problem, just book more than one room!

£20.00 per room, per hour

Big screen gaming

Get together with some friends and chill out in our dedicated Xbox gaming room with a 3m projected HD screen, sofas, racing seat and steering wheel… Up to 6 people.

Room hire
1 hour —– £30.00
2 hours —– £50.00
3 hours —– £60.00

Venue Hire

Why not have exclusive use of our studio for a Birthday party or just as a special treat…

Currently half price –  2 hours for only £100!


What is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) uses computer technology to create a simulated environment where the user is placed inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and interact with 3D worlds. For those watching, you will be able to see what the VR user sees on a 40″ monitor.

I’m not particularly into gaming, is VR still for me?

Absolutely! We have a wide variety of experiences to choose from, so even if you don’t enjoy playing games, you can still immerse yourself in a virtual world and swim underwater with turtles or visit the top of mount everest!

What are the age limits?

We believe that VR is something that does not have age limits. We are able to find an experience suitable for almost any age. Our customers range from 7 – 80 years old!
Please note, some experiences have their own age recommendations and due to the size of the headset we do not usually recommend the experience for children under 7.
We can occasionally make exceptions for younger customers, however they should be accompanied by a responsible adult throughout their booking. Please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Can I play with my friends/colleagues/family?

Definitely! It’s much more fun to share this exciting experience with others! We have options for up to 3 players together, sharing the same headset or alternatively 2 people can have a headset each and play one of our multiplayer games including Arizona Sunshine, SkyFront VR & Raw Data.

I wear glasses, will i still be able to take part?

We use HTC Vive Pro headsets which are designed to be worn comfortably with glasses. That said, large or unusually shaped glasses may cause the headset not to fit correctly.

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